About us

As proud parents of young children, we have always cherished the phase in our lives when we were new parents bringing up our babies. The adjustments to regular life, joy of witnessing multiple firsts of little one, combined with a million suggestions from parents, friends and greater family on food, baby care and sleep, makes it an overwhelming and exhilarating journey.


Although in its formative years, a baby spends most of its time in sleep, there is a clear lack of any trusted and reliable brand in baby sleep products. Further, parents tend to lament the lack of purity in such products compared with the traditional methods that existed a generation ago.

This is where we as professionals decided to combine our cumulative knowledge gained collectively across five decades, to create solutions for baby sleep and care to new parents under the brand name of Kradle. Kradle range of products deeply rooted in traditional values while leveraging modern technologies to ensure best possible sleep products for your little one.

Made with pure organic cotton of high grade (200-300 thread count) and hypoallergenic fiber filling ensures a cozy and soft feeling during sleep and tummy time. ;

The products are hand-crafted thereby ensuring a fine-balance of firmness and stability in structure while tenderness in surface. Carefully placed water-resistant layers and removable fabric which is washable, ensures that the products are easy-to-use for new parents. These products have evolved over multiple feedback from parents, pediatricians and baby consultants ensuring a healthy baby sleep and a fulfilling parenting experience.

Our products are completely made in India in terms of product components and processes. Pure organic cotton grown in Indian fields and fibers made in quality compliant Indian factories are used in products. The products are hand-crafted with care ensuring tenderness.

Hope you would cherish your parenting journey with these products as much as we enjoy making them.