Do you know how long does a baby needs to sleep?

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As mothers, we have been conventionally told that babies grow when they sleep. And that’s true to a great extent. Sleep is actually the time when their brain is developing. It is processing the information it receives when it’s awake and storing it. This indicates the importance of good and healthy sleep for your baby.

Usually, a baby requires 14-18 hours of sleep every day. But sometimes, your baby can be fussy, deny to eat, or simply the crying wouldn’t stop. All these can disrupt your baby’s sleep schedule. Thus, it is highly significant for all mothers to ensure their babies have a sound sleep. Let’s explore the benefits of good sleep on a healthy baby’s growth and development:



Cognitive Abilities: In the initial years, your baby goes through various stages of brain development that helps them with their cognitive abilities. It includes recognizing voices, learning from touch and experiences, and improving their vision to focus. A safe and uninterrupted sleep enables that little brain to grow faster and process all pieces of information.

Linguistic abilities: Well-slept babies also tend to be great at picking up words and language. Learning a language for your baby is not just babbling or make cooing sounds. At this stage, a baby listens as they start paying more attention, understands and memorises names of people and things which is a significant part of their language development.

Happier baby: A baby with good and regular sleep, is generally a happier baby, more likely to fall into a routine, and less likely to be a fussy baby. Also, well slept would imply that they would generally have better attention spans and are likely to be more responsive. 

Now it’s clear how important it is for your little one to get into a healthy sleep routine. Not only your it gets used to a baby sleep schedule but it also gives an adequate amount of rest to the mothers.


  • Newborn Wakeup Time - 7- 8 AM
  • Total Hours of Sleep in a Day (24 hrs) - 14 to 18 hours
  • Nap Time for Newborns - 2- 5 Naps (30 mins- 2 hours long)
  • Bed Time- 9 PM to11 PM
  • Baby Sleep through Night- 3-4 hours for 2-3 Month baby, 4-8 hours for 5-6 Month baby & 7- 12 hours for 8-12 Month baby




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